Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What good rain !!!!

What good rain ... rain ! ... I hear the rain singing !
Hopefully more rain , the rain has no end ...
Why, in the soul we sometimes sad and dusty
No day too ... so good rain?

Washed in the air , the fresh air , the clean air, fresh air,
all things breathe and the lungs fill with air ...
Rain ... rain that good ! ... The earth is a Hinnom
the feral joy of sap crop !

Escancaro the window ... And the rain hits my face,
has net endearments in her wet fingers ,
- It seems that party makes me just because he opened the window
and I offered him my two eyes lean and self-absorbed ...

See the rain ... I want to go out in the rain
as the kids without parents or as children happy
to feel it in my Being , as the trees and plants
twigs and branches to the deep roots !

Desire to lie down on the ground moist and cool
hearing in the ground recondite harmonies ,
and keep your eyes open , full, overflowing
as two springs of clear water and cold